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Dragonfly paintings - Emperor Dragonfly painting by wildlife artist Jackie Garner

Dragonfly paintings - Emperor Dragonfly painting  in watercolour

My dragonfly paintings are quite different in style - this Emperor Dragonfly painting was inspired by the light shining through its wings, whereas in the Golden-ringed Dragonfly painting my inspiration came from the striped body.

It was early evening at Nature in Art in Gloucestershire and this dragonfly, recently emerged I think, was perched on some reed mace (bulrushes). The light was beautiful, turning the bulrushes into a palette of green, gold and blue. The dragonfly's wings were translucent in contrast to the dark body mimicking the bulrushes, and it was just crying out to be painted.

The British Dragonfly Society website is a good source of information about dragonflies including identification, habitats, and the best places in Britain to see them. If you're considering doing some dragonfly paintings or just like dragonflies, it's a great place to start:

Why choose an original painting?

- Own the perfect piece for your home

- Treat your home and your family to a unique and special piece of artwork

- Remind your friends of their favorite species with the perfect picture for their home




Framed original watercolour:
Emperor Dragonfly painting
for sale £150

40.6 cm x 33 cm / 16" x 13"

Shipping not included. Please contact me for further details and delivery options.



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