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Wildlife art gallery - acrylics page

The majority of my wildlife art involves painting with acrylics. Acrylics are my first choice for my paintings when I’m in the studio, though I tend to use watercolours and pencil for sketching nature outdoors as the equipment is much more portable. Painting with acrylics enables the wildlife artist to use different techniques, from thick textures to thin glazes.

Next exhibitions:

Natural Reflections Exhibition
WWT Slimbridge
1 Dec 2016 - 6 Mar 2017

Stroud Open Studios
6 & 7 May

13 & 14 May

Acrylic painting of Home to Roost
Heading Home
Home to Roost
Original £820
Prints available
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'The Lookout' painting with acrylics
The Lookout
Original £390
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'Sunlight and Shadow' Acrylic painting of Woodpigeons Avocet, painting with acrylics Acrylic painting of Ringed Plover 'Heading Home' painting with acrylics
Sunlight & Shadow
Prints available

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Prints available

Ringed Plover
Original £580

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Heading Home Sold
Prints available

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Painting with acrylics - techniques
Acrylics are versatile, vibrant and robust, and as they are water-based there are no smelly solvents involved. The quick drying time and permanence of acrylics means I can paint over the underlying layers to modify areas of my wildlife pictures. I prefer Liquitex Heavy Body paints as they are thick enough to give texture but can be thinned down for glazes. I use synthetic, square-edged brushes for most of my acrylic paintings, though I’m starting to use filbert-shaped brushes to give more variety of brush marks. When painting with acrylics my choice of colours varies from one painting to another, but I usually keep to a limited palette of six or seven colours.

'The Eye of the Beholder' Acrylic painting of African Elephant
Golden-ringed Dragonfly
The Eye of the Beholder
Acrylic painting: Sika Encounter
Sika Encounter
Original £1,900
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Acrylic painting of Golden-ringed Dragonfly Acrylic painting of Squacco heron Acrylic painting of Fallow Deer Acrylic painting of Gull-billed tern
Golden-ringed Dragonfly
Original £770

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Squacco Heron
Original £740

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Autumn Fallow

Gull-billed Tern
Original £360
Cards available
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I often start an acrylic painting in a really abstract way, by covering a primed board with paint using painting knife, sponge, fingers and (just occasionally) brushes. Then I add in the species and continually refine the image until I’m happy with it. I much prefer this “evolution” method as there’s more creative decision making involved, more freedom and hopefully a more interesting result. Several paintings in my wildlife art gallery used this method – Squacco Heron, Flitting Through, Steamer Duck, Little Crake, Sika Encounter, Sunlight and Shadow – mostly the paintings that explore the species’ relationship with their habitat. You can see how a wildlife painting in acrylics evolves on my blog post

Acrylic painting of Little Crake
Little Crake
Little Crake Sold
Acrylic painting of "Flitting Through"
Flitting Through Sold
Prints available
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Acrylic painting of Slimbridge Smew Acrylic painting of Golden Eagle II Acrylic painting of Purple Gallinule Acrylic painting of Red Kite
Slimbridge Smew Sold
Cards available

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Golden Eagle II Sold
Purple Gallinule

Red Kite
Original £780
Prints available

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