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Acrylic painting Ringed Plover

My Ringed Plover painting came about as a happy by-product of a field trip to Arne, hoping to see Dartford Warblers. It was pouring with rain when I got there, and the Dartford Warblers had clearly taken refuge somewhere well out of sight.

As I sat in the car debating whether to cancel the trip and go home, I noticed the ringed plover on the tideline. I was struck by how well it fitted into its habitat, mingling with the tideline debris. And I loved how inquisitive it was, seemingly fascinated by everything, then stopping and looking up to see who was watching.

As the rain continued, I sketched in the shelter of the car, and then worked up the painting in acrylics in the studio when I got home.

Wildlife artists know that the best laid wildlife-watching plans often go astray, but it's amazing how often they work out in the end!

Why choose an original painting?

- Own the perfect piece for your home

- Treat your home and your family to a unique and special piece of artwork

- Discover a new detail every time you look

- Bring the beauty of the seashore into your home





Framed original painting in acrylics for sale £580

54.5 cm x 59.5 cm /
21.5" x 23.5"

Shipping not included. Please contact me for further details and delivery options.



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