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Jackie Garner, Wildlife artist
Jackie Garner, wildlife artist

Contact Jackie Garner, wildlife artist
You can commission me to illustrate books, magazines, greetings cards, etc, or licence my work for your products.

I work predominantly in acrylics and watercolour but am happy to embrace other media according to the needs of the commission.

Please contact me to discuss your needs.


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TThe wildlife Artist's Handbook -by Jackie Garner


The Wildlife Artist’s Handbook
The Wildlife Artist's Handbook is the first book I've both written and illustrated (though illustrations by other artists are included). It's the book I wish I'd had available at the start of my wildlife art career, as it guides the reader from beginner to semi-professional. It's a thoroughly practical how-to-draw-and-paint guide but includes wildlife in art history, composition, anatomy, exhibiting your work and much more. Soft cover, 55,000 words and 250 images. The publisher is Crowood Press. More info...

View some of my illustrations

The Wildlife Artist's Handbook
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The Wildlife Artist's Handbook (Kindle edition)
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The Birds of Gloucestershire
I've provided some of the illustrations for the forthcoming book of the Birds of Gloucestershire. My illustrations are monochrome watercolour. I've provided ten illustrations - including barn owl, dipper, peregrine, red kite (pictured), and wren - and will be one of a team of illustrators including Peter Partington, Chris Rose, Keith Shackleton and D I M (Ian) Wallace. The publisher is Liverpool University Press.
View my illustrations

View double page spreads

The Birds of Gloucestershire (Buy from Amazon)


The Snowy Owl (Poyser monograph)
My illustrations comprise twelve monochrome chapter headings and frontispiece with colour illustrations for the cover: front, back and spine. All illustrations are watercolour. The authors are Richard Sale & Eugene Potapov. The publishers are Yale University Press and Poyser.

The Snowy Owl (Poyser Monographs) Hardback
(Buy from Amazon)
The Snowy Owl (Poyser Monographs) Kindle Edition
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Grouse of the World
I’ve recently been illustrating a book on the world’s grouse species for authors Richard Sale & Roald Potapov. I have produced 45 watercolour images showing the male (in display pose) and female of each species plus winter plumages where appropriate. Publisher is New Holland, published October 2013.

More info...

The Birdwatcher's Yearbook 2014


Birdwatcher's Yearbook 2014
I've provided the cover illustration of a Smew. The brief was to include two birds, one of which has to be facing the viewer. Any bird on the British List can be chosen by the artist, as long as it has not featured on a cover design previously. I chose Smew because they are one of my favourite ducks and they generally seem to be popular with most birders. The Smews' distinctive markings suited a bold design.

More info...

Birding World
Sometimes existing work is used rather than commissioning new illustrations. My acrylic Sunlight & Shadow was used for the cover of Birding World (March 2011, issue number 290).

Link to larger painting of Goose of Meidum

Birds in Ancient Egypt: An Identification Guide

A recent venture is a ground-breaking research project illustrating the birds of ancient Egyptian art for a new book: A Guide to the Birds of Ancient Egypt. In 2008 I spent six weeks in Egypt with a team of researchers, led by ornitho-egyptologist John Wyatt investigating wildlife art in museums, tombs and temples. My role was to make as accurate as possible representations of the art when a photographic image was not possible. In practice this often meant sketching by torchlight.

More Ancient Egypt wildlife pictures


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